Nissan KUON

 Nissan KUON

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In stock JAPAN

First registration year September 2006

Model ADG - CD4YL

Model of the prime mover GE 13

Displacement capacity 13,070 cc

Maximum power 350 hp

Compliant with NOx / PM regulation

Maximum load capacity * 10,600 kg

Mileage 433,000 km

Exterior dimensions of car body * Total length 960 / Overall width 250 / Overall height 354

Inside dimensions of loading platform 613 × width 240 × high 77

Unitic assembly manufacturer

Body type PK 8001

Floor iron

Two pairs of inner hooks

2.98 hanging

Aluminum block

Two-way opening

With topsheet



Model: PK800AHF4

Lifting: 2.98 t hanging

Preparation: 9777546

Production date: 1999.6

Manufacturer: PALFINGER


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