2000y KBA 162-7L ALV3 FOR SALE

2000 KBA 162-7L ALV3

Price 975,000 USD LOT

Equipped with the following:
Tresu Chamber Tower
Anilox Rollers
KBA Colortronic
Spare ink rollers
Spare dampener rollers
Manual non-stop
Kersten AntiStatic bars
Blanket Wash-up system
Ink wash-up system
Impression wash-up system
Nonstop Delivery
Extended Delivery
High Pile
Weko powder sprayer model
IR/HA dryer
CX package
Rietchle air cabinet
C.: 166 M Imp

We are looking for buyers.

Please, inform us if you ready, and we can send quotation.

Please tell me the future of how to proceed.

If you buy, Your application will as soon as possible , Offer sbject prior sale.


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