Used RYOBI Printing Machines

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2000 - Ryobi 524 HXX

Age 2000

Format: 360 x 520

RYOBI PCS-H Printing Control System

Ryobimatic continuous dampening with Chiller/re-circulation Unit

Semi Auto Plate Change

Aqua Automatic Control system (AAC)

Auto Blanket Wash

Auto Ink Roller Wash

Lateral and circumferential register

Electronic double sheet control.

Powder Spray Device

Impressions: c. 41 million

Reduced Price for a quick sale GBP(£) 45,150 LOT

Pictures on request

2006 Ryobi 524 HE

Age 2006

Format: 360x520

RYOBI Semi-RPC Semi-Automatic Plate Changing

RYOBI PCS-G Printing Control System

IVS - Ink Volume Setting

Ryobimatic Continuous Dampening System

Suction Feed Table

Auto Ink Roller Wash

Auto Blanket Wash

Pre Loading Device

Sheet De-Curler

Powder Spray Device

Impressions: c. 47 million

Price GBP(£) 68,250 LOT

Pictures on request

Offer Subject prior sale 


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